About the Ferrari Enzo Super Car

About the Ferrari Enzo Super Car

145One of the world’s top sports car manufacturers is Ferrari, whose symbol of a black prancing horse on a yellow shield-shaped background is perhaps one of the most easily recognizable car logos in the world. Based in Maranello, Italy, this Italian sports car manufacturer is responsible for the existence of some of the most powerful and at the same time most elegant sports cars the world has ever seen.

Every single Ferrari ever manufactured, from the 250 GTO to the 206/246 Dino, is a feat of engineering and design. One such Ferrari is the Enzo Ferrari Supercar, which was named one of the top sports cars of the new millennium by Sports Car International magazine in 2004. Named in honor of Enzo Ferrari, who founded the company in 1929, the Enzo Ferrari supercar is indeed super in many respects.

Built in 2003, the Enzo Ferrari supercar was designed using Formula One technology. Its body is made of carbon-fiber, its brake discs are carbon-ceramic, and it has an F1-style sequential shift transmission. It has 6.0-liter, 660-horsepower V-12 engine, the first Ferrari motor to have continuously variable exhaust valve timing. The Enzo engine has four valves per cylinder and a variable-length induction system.

As befitting the “supercar” tag, the Enzo Ferrari boasts of extremely quick acceleration. The Enzo Ferrari is capable of reaching 62.5 mph in 3.30 seconds and can accelerate to 100 mph in 6.60 seconds. This particular breed of Ferrari can also complete the quarter mile from a stop in approximately 11.1 seconds at 133 mph. Its estimated top speed of 217 mph is further proof of its Formula 1 heritage. So unless you’re an active driver in the Formula 1 circuit, there’s no way you can hit the top speed on a regular road and get away with it.

So far, the Enzo has proven to be stable when cornering. Its powerful engine, however, sometimes makes the car a bit difficult to control. Fortunately, it has rack-and-pinion power steering, pushrod actuated coil-shock units, a four-wheel independent suspension stabilized by front and rear anti-roll bars, and four Bridgestone Scuderia tires, which have been designed and tuned specifically for the Enzo Ferrari supercar.

So far, Ferrari has only produced 400 of these supercars, and only a select few have managed to acquire one. As a matter of fact, just being able to afford its US$643,330 price tag is not enough to get your hands on one. Propsective owners still have to send applications to Ferrari for the privilege of purchasing one of these supercars.

A number of famous people are or have been proud owners of an Enzo Ferarri supercar, including Nicolas Cage, Eric Clapton, Tommy Hilfiger, Rod Stewart, and of course, Michael Schumacher, the man responsible for bringing virtually countless honor for the company as the most famous Formula 1 driver for Scuderia Ferrari, Ferrari’s racing division.

Exotic Sports Cars

Before we start, let’s define the term ‘super exotic sports car’. Sports cars, by definition are borderline racing cars; boasting powerful performance and sleek looks. Their prestige makes them expensive, and thus the domain of a select few. With reference to sports cars, the term “exotic” refers to vehicles produced in very limited numbers. This of course increases their exclusivity and by virtue of this, their value. Exotic sports cars will, in all likelihood, be built by smaller manufacturers or perhaps the super high-end vehicles will be created by some of the better-known car companies outside of the United States  as exclusive models.

Many exotic sports cars are the stuff of legend. The world’s fastest car, the McLaren F1, for instance is a well-known exotic. Although only around one hundred F1s were produced and the manufacturer is not a household name (outside of the Grand Prix circuits of course), the McLarens are coveted sports cars. All exotic sports cars are highly sought after and, as status symbols, are second to none in the sports car world.

But, assuming that you can afford it, is an exotic sports car for you?

It is easy to be seduced by the allure of owning an exotic sports car. Owning one can be very tempting. Amongst the purists, the cars themselves are often considered the pinnacle of design. Any enthusiast who has the means will tell you that when an opportunity to invest in an exotic sports car presents itself, resistance can be very difficult.

One should try and be objective about the propo siti on though.

Before making such a major commitment, there are three factors you should consider.

Exotic Sports Cars Are Very Expense

The cost of owning such a prestigious car, does not end when you part with the initial payment. Even if one can afford the initial asking price of an exotic (and not many can), one needs to be aware of the likely ongoing running expenses, which can be significant. The maintenance and repair of an exotic car is certain to be expensive compared to non-exotic vehicles and a buyer should attempt to discover what kind of costs he or she is likely to experience in order to keep the car in running order. There can be no cost cutting on parts for these high end vehicles.

Parts for prestige cars are likely to be in short supply, if they are available at all. The likelihood that the owners of exotic sports cars will need to have some parts custom made during their ownership of the vehicle is quite high. And the cost will be significant. This is especially true of older exotics, many of which will have been orphaned when their original manufacturer stopped making cars. Not only will this prove extremely expensive, one can also expect it to be time consuming as well. And, as time passes, the necessary investment will only become greater.

Your usual mechanic cannot be expected to be able to repair exotic sports cars. You will need specialized mechanics with specialized tools to be able to ensure that appropriate and professional repairs are carried out. Not only will such individuals be, in all probability much more expensive than your usual mechanics, you would be very fortunate if you found one in your town. You should expect to have to do a lot of traveling in order to find suitable mechanical help.

All too often a sports car buff will purchase an exotic, without though to the ongoing costs, and, as a consequence be completely unprepared to handle additional future expenses. A thorough planning of expected costs and the means to meet those costs would certainly be in order.

Reliability Of High End Vehicles

Even though an exotic sports car may represent the ultimate in performance, One cannot assume that it will also be reliable. This will hold particularly true for the older ‘classic’ exotic cars. As with any high performance machine, exotic sports cars can be quite delicate (temperamental) which will, in all probability, require that you or someone close to you be regularly on hand to make the adjustments to ensure that the vehicle stays in operating order. Exotic sports cars are well known for the spectacular side of their performance when they running well. However, the other side of the coin is that they are notorious for being among the most temperamental of vehicles that one may encounter.

If you plan to run an exotic sports car on a regular basis, you should be prepared for the highs and lows of motoring. The sublime feeling of driving a top car with top performance can often be forgotten if the same car stops and refuses to start many miles from any assistance.

The Drivability of Exotic Cars

Most owners of high performance cars will tell you that such vehicles take ‘some getting used too’. Optimum performance comes at a price, and will depend very largely on the skill of the driver. So, if you are relatively inexperienced, then please do not expect to get the best out of your car straight away. This in itself could prove too frustrating for many potentials owners. One should also take into account the relative risk of driving a high performance car whilst still inexperienced.

For those to whom the additional cost of time in learning to drive a prestige car optimally and safely is not an issue, an additional problem arises in the adjustment of seats and pedals for example. Small things that are irrelevant in normal cars take on much greater significance when applied to exotic sports cars.

When considering the purchase of an exotic sports car, one must look past the romance and excitement of owning a legendary vehicle. There are real concerns and obstacles to be overcome before the full enjoyment and benefit of owning such a car can be achieved.

Smooth Ride With the Chevrolet Wheels

The car wheels are among the most vital part of the car. They carry the entire structure of the car. They roam the dirty roads. For heavy-duty vehicles such as the Chevrolet trucks, one needs to rely on the durability of the Chevrolet truck wheels to roll easily on the road—whether it is rough or smooth, with bumps or without. Given the Chevrolet wheels’ crucial tasks, one must always remember that constant maintenance and checking on the wheels should be performed to avoid flat tires and even further damage.

There are simple ways to take care of the Chevrolet wheels. Doing these regularly is guaranteed to assist the wheels in reaching their full potential. Number one on the list is checking the wheels’ pressure regularly or at least once a month, depending on how the driver uses his vehicle. A tire pressure gauge can prove to be a very good investment. A “recommended tire pressure” can be found in the owner’s manual or on the tire pressure sign. However, it should be noted that the maximum pressure listed on the wheels is not the proper pressure. It is an entirely different thing. In this case, it is best to consult the repair manual.

Next, it is recommended to have the Chevrolet wheels rotated at every second oil change. This simple act ensures that all four wheels wear equally. Whenever one should feel even the slightest vibration while driving, this may be a sign that the wheels need to be balanced. Tread wear has a safe limit; however, if the wheels are worn below this, it makes the vehicle very unsafe to drive.

One must also learn to analyze the result of the mechanical inspection, because uneven wheel wear can cause alignment problems. Improper alignment causes increased wheel and suspension components to wear, therefore leading to poor handling. In a worst case scenario, improper alignment may even throw the car into a skid, most especially on a wet road. Alignment plays a very significant role that is relative to the performance of the wheels. A properly aligned set of Chevrolet Wheels are much more enjoyable to drive and less likely to fail.

Buy Car Covers

Buy Car Covers

Car covers are an essential protection against dirt, dust, UV rays, heat, rain, bird droppings and several other things. Not only do they protect a car, but they also help in retaining the new looks of the car. Hence, buying a car cover is a must. But, we all need to ascertain the functions and use of a car cover before we purchase one.

Car covers can either be custom-made or universal. Custom-made covers are tailored exactly according to a car’s measurements, while universal are available in certain standard measurements to suit almost all car types. Usually, custom-made car covers are preferred because of better protection. Some covers like the ‘satin stretch car cover’ from Coverking that provides a more fitting cover for your car.

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The materials used by car cover companies are Noah Barrier Fabric, WeatherShield, Polycotton, Tan Flannel, Evolution Technalon, Sunbrella, Dustop, Soft Weave, Plushweave, and others. While Noah Barrier Fabric and WeatherShield works great in both indoor and outdoor conditions, Tan Flannel works best for indoors. Dustop is believed to be extremely suitable for indoor uses, as it provides excellent protection against dust and other particles. Stormweave is suitable for all sorts of climatic conditions, such as snow, rainFree Reprint Articles, dew or industrial pollutants.

Ferrari Celebrates its 60th Anniversary

One of the most sought-after car makes in the world, Ferrari, celebrates its 60 th anniversary this year, with a marathon relay that arrived on our island on Monday the 5 th of Feb. Having commenced in Abu Dhabi on Jan 28 th , the Ferrari 60 Relay aims to cover 40 countries in 148 days. Singapore is the first Asian stop, and received the baton from the Emirates.

To start off the momentous occasion, a flag-off for 25 Ferraris took place at the Hong Seh Motors showroom Monday morning. Headed by Mr Alfred Tan, Managing Director of Hong Seh Motors, and Mr Marco Mattiaci, Executive Vice President of Ferrari Asia Pacific, the convoy stopped briefly for a petrol refill at Shell Boon Lay, before proceeding to The Fullerton Hotel. Included in the pack were rare models like the F40, F50, Enzo, 512TR Spider, Daytona and Dino. Moving in single file, the procession was indeed a sight to behold.

At the Fullerton , the Ferrari 60 th Anniversary logo, together with the baton, was unveiled, following which, the Italian Ambassador His Excellency Falco de Luca Gabrielli was presented with a symbol of Singapore -a gold-plated Merlion. Dr Ben Neo, President of the Singapore chapter of the Ferrari Club, had the honour of carrying the baton from The Fullerton back to Hong Seh Motors at the end of the press conference.
Later on in the evening, the celebrations continued at St James’ Powerhouse, where an impressive 63 Ferraris were parked, causing curious onlookers to crowd outside. The baton and Merlion were once again revealed to the appreciative crowd inside the premises, after which guests were invited to indulge in the lavish spread of food prepared by the Fullerton Hotel.

Also as part of the performance car-maker’s celebratory plans, 60 new cars will be built specially for this occasion. Based on the 612 Scaglietti and the Granturismo, Ferrari’s attention to detail will be very apparent in every car. Featuring sophisticated colour combinations, and a breathtaking new-generation electrochromic glass roof, the cars will truly showcase the Prancing Horse’s technological superiority in the field of automobile design.

On the 6 th of Feb, the convoy continues on its journey, departing via the 2 nd Link to Malaysia . Next up on the relay’s stops will be China , Japan , Australia , South Africa , America and the whole of Europe . Involving 10,000 Ferrari car owners and their cars, this is indeed a celebration of grand proportions.

2007 Nissan Murano Review

The 2007 Nissan Murano is both innovative and reliable, with several new features that offer safety and convenience. Impressive new features include the Murano’s available Intelligent Key and Direct Ignition, which, with the touch of a button automatically unlocks and starts the car as the driver approaches, and also Xtronic CVT, which allows for shiftless transmission, to make for a smoother ride.

The 2007 Murano offers several standard safety features, including Nissan’s Advanced Airbag System and a 3-point passenger seat belt system. This model keeps children in mind as well, with the LATCH system, which lowers tethers and anchors for the youngsters. The Murano also can switch between all-wheel and front-wheel drive depending on weather conditions, but switches back to front-wheel for optimum fuel economy.

Chrome side sill accents, LED taillights and a power sliding glass moonroof add to the Murano’s sleek look, while rear back privacy glass and fog lights are convenient to this model.

Interior comfort is provided with Murano’s Dual climate control with air filtration, and a 10-way power adjustable driver’s seat including lumbar support, and also 60/40 split fold-flat rear seats. Also included in the Murano is the standard AM/FM CD system, and other audio options available are MP3/CD playback capability and satellite radio. A navigation system with LCD display and convenient rear monitor make this vehicle even smarter.

Nissan includes ample cargo space for storage in each Murano, however, this model’s 240-horse power, V6 engine is sure to handle the extra weight.

Nissan’s 2007 Murano is a car that combines safety, technology and affordability, and is likely to be at the top of the market this year.

American Muscle Cars

In the 1960s there was a class of cars introduced to the world known as muscle cars. These cars were sleek and sporty and contained a powerful engine. Most of these cars boasted a V8 engine which was geared for speed. As these cars were produced the manufacturers were in stiff competition with each other. As each manufacturer tried to out do the other, we were led into an era of some of the fastest cars of our time. With no thought to gas and fuel efficiency, Americans seemed to be having the time of their lives. Their cars were fast and eye-catching, both on the road and on the race track. Racing stripes and flashy decals made a statement about both the car and the driver. It seemed the flashier the car the more desirable.

At a time when the luxury automobile was the king of the road for the married set, the younger crowd wanted something smaller, faster, and sportier. The Shelby Mustang and the 440 Roadrunner are two of the fast cars which were built to satisfy the desire for high performance and speed. There were many more fast cars to come. Camaros, Chargers, GTOs, and Firebirds all tried to pack as much punch under the hood as was possible. Corvettes offered speed and sleek style, but they also had a high price tag. Most of the other high performance cars offered a price that was affordable to the average working class people.

The Fuel Effect

During the 1960s and 70s auto manufacturers were riding high on a wave of speed and performance. Then we entered an era where we were told gas was in short supply and we were destroying the ozone with our extravagant auto emissions. We reluctantly let go of our fast and sporty cars and took to the streets with a V6 and even a V4. Gas mileage and cheaper insurance costs forced the fast cars onto the race track and off the roadways.

The desire for speed will be with us always. We will probably never again see a time when speed and high performance engines are sold for the every day street car but we can get a glimpse of these cars at the raceway or at vintage car shows. The baby boomers were around to see these cars at their inception and they still carry a torch for them today. Many will spend a small fortune to restore one of these original fast cars back to their former splendor.

Do-It-Yourself Automotive Axle Assembly Repair Tips and Tricks

Replacing an axle assembly is not as difficult as you may think. For front-wheel drive cars , and for some rear-wheel drive cars, this can be a do-it-yourself job. You will want to review the repair manual of your vehicle to decide, based on your own mechanical skill, whether you feel comfortable tackling this project yourself.

A common repair that often must be done after general wear on a vehicle is the replacement of a CV joint. In many cases, it makes good financial sense to replace the entire axle assembly instead of repairing the joint alone. Since replacing a CV joint can be a labor-intensive job, it may also be easier to replace the entire axle assembly. Doing so will save time and thus cut labor costs-you can often replace the entire assembly for the same cost as replacing only the joints. This will, however, depend on how much your mechanic charges you-unless you decide to attempt the installation on your own.

New axle assemblies generally come with fresh CV joints and boots already installed, so you do not have to buy both the assembly and the joints. Since the entire assembly works through the boots, it is important that all parts are well-maintained and work in harmony with one another.

Again, read the installation instructions for your vehicle’s make and model. If you are fairly comfortable working on your own car , then this may be a project that you want to tackle yourself. Doing so would save you the money you would otherwise pay a mechanic.

An axle assembly is used mainly in front-wheel and four-wheel drive cars to transfer power from the transmission to the wheels. Most rear-wheel drive cars do not use an axle assembly, though there are a few exceptions, primarily high-end German sports cars. One reason that CV boots and axle assemblies fail, is due to the access of debris and contaminants. Debris can get inside of the boot if the boot comes loose or becomes cracked. When this happens, CV joints will quickly degenerate and fail.

If you own a four-wheel drive vehicle and take it off-road on a regular basis, you are more likely to experience problems with debris getting inside of the seals. This is even more common if you like to go ‘mudding’ and do not wash all of the mud out from the undercarriage of your vehicle.

Choosing a manufacturer for your new axle assembly is important. For many vehicles, you can go with OEM or aftermarket parts. If you own a specialized vehicle like a Bertone, you will want to go with Bertone parts, because keeping original Bertone parts would help to maintain such a vehicle’s value.

If maintaining all original-brand parts is not important to you, then you have many choices when it comes to replacement manufacturers. Many of these aftermarket replacement parts can be found at a lower price-sometimes of a higher quality, as well. When buying auto parts, it pays to shop around and find the best quality and price.

Most of the time, a new axle assembly will come with a solid warranty, so that you do not have to be concerned about part failure in the immediate future. It is important as both a buyer and a mechanic to be selective and to get the right part the first time. Doing so will prevent having to remove newly-installed equipment, because it is not the right one for your vehicle.

Research and investigation can help you determine the best replacement parts for your vehicles. And using the internet to make your purchases will allow you to save a lot of money, while improving the quality of products you are able to buy within your budget.

Buy You Car Insurance Online And Pay Too Much!

Buy You Car Insurance Online And Pay Too Much!

The reason that online quote sites have the highest prices is very simple. The majority of the online car insurance quote sites are owned by the same insurance companies that sell car insurance through local agents that are in your home town.

The insurance companies will not risk losing there local agent just to sell you a discounted auto policy? Of course not! Like I said the insurance companies need those local agent so do you think they will sell you a policy cheaper than there local agents can. If you do I have some ocean front property in Arizona that I would make you a great deal on. They would not survive without them.

The second reason that online quote sites cannot give you the lowest quote is because they are computers and as you know computers can only give out what is put in them. You can stand on your head and whistle Dixie and they still cannot quote you that low rate. It’s not in their program.

What it boils down to is that only local agents are authorized to cut rates. It’s their business and if that agent wants to cut you a deal they can. The local agent is the only one who can give discounted rates.

To get that discount rate you need to do business with the local agent, but that can be time consuming, frustrating and a real pain because to get that discounted rate you must get the local agents to compete for your business.

You will never get that low rate by walking into an agents office. Unless that local agent knows he up against tough competition he’s not going to discount that rate. if you don’t have competition among the agent you won’t get the best price.

One of the most frustrating way to get quotes is to dial your way through the phone book. The agent will not give you the best rate by calling because he knows what a hard job it is and most people just give up after trying to contact a couple of agents. The majority of the time the person you need to talk to is on the phone, away from their desk or at a meeting and so you get to play phone tag.

The agent knows that most people just give up and pay what’s quoted rather than go through all the trouble to get that low quote.

There is a simple solution to this problem and that is to go online, fill out one simple quote request and have that sent to seven or eight of the best local agents in your area. When an agent gets a quote request this way they automatically know that seven or eight other sharp local agents also got that same request so they know that to get your business they need to give you the lowest quote they can possibly give.

He wants your business, needs your business and will do every thing within his powerBusiness Management Articles, including cutting rates to get that business. That is how you get the lowest quote possible every time and without all the hassle that’s usually associated with getting a low car insurance quote.